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Steel Fixing services

With a range of steel reinforcement services available, we are dedicated to delivering solutions for each of our client's unique needs.

Steel reinforcement

Below is just a selection of the steel reinforcement services we offer here at Sudoku Steel, if you have something specific you need that’s not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll let you know if we can help. 

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete is the product of steel being fixed with concrete in a way where these two materials resist forces and the steel absorbs the stresses in the concrete structure. This is essential for ensuring durability and strength in every concrete structure.


With 30+ years of expertise, Sudoku Steel can guarantee the highest quality of formwork and foundations to deliver high-quality structures in every size and shape. From swimming pools to staircases, the possibilities are limitless.  


With experience in traditional formwork and Pecafil foundation, we can provide either solution to create a solid base with guaranteed longevity.

Steel Fixing

Sudoku Steel’s fully qualified team work to ensure your structures are rigid, durable, non-combustible and able to withstand high amounts of pressure.

Brush Finished Slabs

Brush Finished Slaps are Ideal for outdoor use due to their ability to withstand vehicles and large volumes of footfall. They are non-slip and provide excellent drainage.

Reinforced Concrete Basements

Having mastered fitting foundations in basements and reinforcing sewage tanks, our team has the necessary expertise to complete the task at hand.

Retaining Walls

With the ability to engineer any type of wall required for the construction, Retaining walls are simple to construct and can be completed in situ. Using both formwork systems and traditional timber shutters, high quality is maintained throughout.

Industrial Flooring

Our highly skilled team are experts in installing 2 types of high-quality industrial flooring:

  • Pecafil Foundation System
  • Power Floated Floors 

With the ability to follow engineer drawings and lay mesh and reinforced bars, we will ensure the task is completed to the highest standard.
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